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icon Gym Close Today!!

The gym will be closed today due to the weather!!! We will resume classes tomorrow if the weather clears up.

icon Tactical Spirit Booster Club Monthly Newsletter

Tactical Spirit All-Star Booster Club Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the booster club newsletter. I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the latest fundraiser. Those orders are going in and I will notify everyone when those orders will be delivered.


I know that fundraising is not everyone’s favorite thing to do but it all benefits the children. We have a minimum of four (4) fundraisers a year, two of these we consider mandatory. The mandatory fundraisers are done in July and then around the holidays. Some of the benefits include:


                  * Spirit gifts for teams members

                  * Awards

                  * Senior Scholarships

                  * End of the season banquet – based on funds


Given our size we are looking at a small spirit gift for our December competition and then a bigger gift for nationals. In order to do this we have to have these fundraisers. So you can see the benefit to your athlete to participate.


*****Booster Club Meeting Date Change – Wednesday, November 9th at 6:45pm


                  Please email any agenda items to the booster club by Monday November 7th



Upcoming Events:

Booster Meeting November 9th

Berdoll’s Fundraiser – tentative

Smithville Parade of Lights



We are happy to have everyone and looking forward to having an awesome season!!






icon Show and Prep Teams are now Available

What is all-star cheerleading?

All-star cheer teams compete in divisions that are age and ability specific. The teams are primarily judged on their ability to perfect the skills expected of their designated level. Unlike school organizations, we are not restricted to a district and we do not cheer for a sports group like football or basketball. The primary focus is to perfect routines that are competed throughout the season.


What is Show Team?

Show team is an All Star Team offered at Tactical Spirit designed specifically for our youngest athletes (Ages 3-6).  All of our teams have a name and the name for Show Team is “Tweety’s.”  They learn a routine and attend competitions just like the other all-star teams, however, their performances are not scored and placements are not awarded.  The purpose of show team is to train the younger athlete so when they are old enough they are prepared for one of our competitive teams.


What is Prep Team, and how is it different?

Prep Team is an introductory level for athletes who are interested in All-star cheerleading.  It’s perfect for those who want to sample competitive cheerleading.  The overall experience is extremely similar, however, the time and financial commitments are much less than our full season teams

icon Booster Club Monthly Newsletter

Tactical Spirit All-Star Booster Club Newsletter


First, I would like to welcome everyone to the Tactical Spirit All-Star Booster Club.  This Booster Club is designed to support your athlete.  We are a group of volunteers that love the children in this gym and go above and beyond to encourage the success of every athlete and coach.

 The Booster Club facilitates fundraising, parades, and team bonding events.  We also raise monies for spirit gifts, end of the year parties, and senior scholarships.  What we do directly benefits your athlete from many aspects and we are looking for more volunteers to help make this season the best season ever.

 My goal, as the Booster Club President, is to make sure that everyone stays well informed regarding the Booster Club and the events surrounding the Booster Club.  My goal is to publish one newsletter a month and to hold monthly Booster Club meetings.  I will post a proposed agenda, in the gym, for upcoming meetings at least a week prior.  This will allow time for anyone to add items to the agenda prior to the meeting.  I want to take a moment and list the executive board members:


President – Michelle Young (Coach Mac) (tacticalspiritboosterclub@tacticalspirit.com)

Vice-President – Melanie Summarell (tacticalspiritboosterclub@tacticalspirit.com)

Treasurer – Shanna Winkler (tacticalspiritboosterclub@tacticalspirit.com)


My availability is between classes/teams on Monday – Thursday and the other members are typically there during team practices, but you are always welcome to send any of us emails.


Below I have outlined the current fundraiser which is a mandatory participation.


Cash Raffle:

Ticket cost $2.00

Minimum 25 tickets must be sold

Prize value $450

Max credit per athlete $350, after initial $50

The prize is like a lottery, the more tickets sold increases the jackpot (to be determined by Booster Club)

All tickets and money are due August 8th, drawing to be held August 10th 


Upcoming Events:

Booster Club Meeting – August 1st 6:30pm

Bastrop Homecoming Parade - August 6th

Back to School Bash – August 20th


Again welcome to the Tactical Spirit All-Star Booster Club!  We are happy to have everyone and looking forward to having an awesome season!!


AKA: Coach Mac


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